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The Farmette Sanctuary, Inc is a tax-exempt 501c(3) nonprofit organization established in 2022.

Support our efforts by donating today! Your donation will allow us to ensure we have everything needed to make our residents' experience a loving and healing one. It will also help us build what we need to be able to adopt additional farm animals such as goats and sheep. Daily needs include bedding, food, and treats. Ongoing costs include medical expenses, supplies, and materials to upgrade the space and eventually prepare for additional poultry, mammals, and creating a retreat space for healing.

We appreciate your donation of any size!

$25.00 supports - one week of fresh daily vegetables like cabbage, kale, lettuce, and cucumbers

$50.00 supports - one month of chicken feed (they receive a measured amount of feed each day)

$100.00 supports - one month of fresh straw for the chicken coop bedding

Everything else we raise is goes towards a fund to build a fence and make the space available to goats and sheep.

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